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Introduction: TechSpace Mobile Journalism

About This Course

How does it work? - 1 hour weekly webinar (video call) run by the course tutor where the participants are introduced to a mojo activity and learn to use the mobile apps and equipment. - 1 hour self-directed learning where participants log on to the online course platform to further their learning. - 1 hour to ‘try out’ the equipment and practice quick and easy mojo activities with young people.

What will I learn? ● Learn about mobile journalism (mojo) and how it can build digital creativity, innovation and lots more skills in young people! ● Gain an understanding of the principles of photography, filmmaking and audio production for mobile journalism. ● Learn how to use free and low cost mojo apps for photography, filmmaking, storytelling in youth work. ● Learn how to use mojo equipment (tablets, smartphones, microphones, rigs, lighting, etc.) to record, edit, and publish youth projects. ● Be supported by the tutor and peers on the course to ‘try out’ mojo activities with young people each week. ● Learn how to design and plan a mojo project to run with young people.


Participants will receive a TechSpace certificate on completion of the course.

Course Staff

Anne Maree Barry

Course Staff Image #1

Anne Maree Barry is a film artist based in Dublin. She makes site specific works that address connections between memory and loss, geography and architecture. Anne Maree’s solo exhibition Leisure with Dignity at The LAB, Foley Street, Summer 2017, curated by Sheena Barrett, received an honourable mention as one of the exhibitions of the year by Aidan Dunne of The Irish Times. She has been working in e-learning for eight years and has been a videographer for cultural institutions such as Temple Bar Gallery and Studios, Dublin City Council's Culture Company and IMMA.

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